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Less than 24 hours after enrolling in RTD, I spent 47 minutes on the phone with a Californian neurosurgeon who asked more questions and showed more genuine concern for my back than over a decade of cumulative DOD provider visits. He did all this from his self driving car. Thank you RTD.

Will M

RTD Member

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I was scheduled for a very invasive, career-ending procedure. RTD connected me with a provider who reviewed my case, asked me about my goals, and helped me get care. The care provided was minimally invasive and improved my quality of life tremendously. Without RTD, I would be in a very different place.

Stephanie H

RTD Member, USAF Reserves

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The work RTD is doing is so needed and LONG overdue! As a commander, I understand that our people are our greatest asset... Through RTD, an Airman of mine was able to find a provider and avoid an unnecessary surgery that would have likely put her out of service and limited her quality of life significantly—not to mention the financial burden and medical discharge. Thanks to RTD she is still a proud member of the United States Air Force. An ABSOLUTE WIN for her, the unit, and our country!

Robin S

RTD Member, USAF Commander

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It is an honor to be involved in Return to Duty, an organization dedicated to helping our public servants access the high-quality care they need and deserve. By curating an extensive network of top notch physicians, disseminating valuable patient education content, and providing a community for patient advocacy—RTD provides a guiding light through an often opaque and convoluted medical system.

Dr. Peter Derman

RTD Provider, Spine Surgeon

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I learned about RTD right after returning from a deployment where I sustained an injury.  As a physician working with SOF I was impressed by the unique and professional composition of RTD’s team. Their communication and advocacy was excellent. My information was quickly gathered and relayed to their network of surgeons via a Virtual Round Table. I was scheduled for treatment within a month. I’m doing well and hope to be ready for a 6th overseas deployment. I’m very grateful for the team that helped me return to duty!


Army MD

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