About Return To Duty

Service Makes The Difference.

Return To Duty was founded by a passionate group of current and former US Special Operations Forces Medics, military, and first responders now working in the private healthcare and medical device sectors. The team has dedicated their lives to public service—experiencing their own battles with various service-related injuries and issues.

Now, we come together with a mission to serve as advocates facilitating better patient education and care to the SOF community through an extensive network of trusted HCPs that can provide meaningful solutions to help patients return to duty and an enjoyable quality of life.

Our Core Values

We are a small but mighty group of lifelong service members seeking to make a difference. These are the values we live and breathe by.


We consistently perform at our best, do what's right, and fulfill our obligations to the patients we serve.


It is an honor to serve. We honor your commitment to serve and dedication to be mission-ready.


We prioritize the health of those we serve and base our actions on what will best benefit the end patient.


Together we can achieve more, overcome obstacles, stretch our abilities, adapt, and succeed.


Meet The Team

Founders & Leadership

The Return To Duty team consists of elite Spine Medics, Physicians, and Industry Experts.

Our teammates have dedicated their lives to public service, experiencing their own battles with injury and illness. We now look to serve as advocates to help facilitate comprehensive patient education and care through an extensive network of healthcare professionals with solutions aimed at helping patients return to their best quality of life—whether on or off duty.

David Simons | Founder, Return To Duty

David Simons

Founder & Chairman
Head of Outreach
Kevin Rash

Kevin Rash

Executive Director

Nathan Alway

Director, Military Outreach

Jarred Shewey

Director, Civilian Outreach

Josh Albers

Asst. Director, Military Outreach

Ricky Ditzel

Director, Military Research

Kaushal N. Bhatt, MD

Director, Medical Affairs

Rachelle Yusufbekov

Director, Operations & Medical Affairs
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